5 Easy Health Tips to Think About

These 5 Easy Health Tips To Think About were written just for you. If you are tired and want to make a change, these are the steps you should follow:1. Eat a healthy breakfast every dayBreakfast is the most important meal of your day. After a night of sleeping, your body needs nutrients. By eating breakfast, you are actually replenishing your body’s requirements and will have an easier time maintaining your healthy weight. A healthy breakfast should include a source of protein and at least three of the major food groups. Here are two examples:
Banana and peanut butter sandwich with a glass of milk
Fruit and yogurt smoothie with a whole grain bagel
2. Avoid weight loss ideas that don’t work Don’t skip meals to try and lose weight. Your body needs essential nutrients to stay healthy. Nutritional deficiencies can cause serious damage to your health. Don’t eliminate food groups for example, milk products. They are loaded with 15 essential nutrients and can help you reach and maintain a healthy weight.3. Eliminate your cravingsOften times, a lack of protein leads to cravings and cravings may lead us to quick-fix foods like cookies or chocolate. Milk is an excellent source of protein. Choosing snacks such as yogurt or fresh vegetables with cheese can help you prevent those unwelcomed cravings.4. Find your healthy weightYour healthy weight is not a magic number picked out of a hat. It also has nothing to do with how you look. Your healthy weight is the weight range that is considered healthy for your height.5. Stay active and have fun Staying active is also a very important factor to a healthy weight. Twenty minutes of physical activity every day is much better for you than a heavy duty gym workout once a week. Find an activity you like to do. If you really like it, you are more likely to stick with it. Your passion is the key to your success. Sometimes it’s easier to enjoy when you have your family, your pet or a buddy to exercise with. Your motivation and your inspiration also contribute to your success.I hope that this article was helpful and that you have enjoyed reading and implementing these 5 Easy Health Tips To Think About.

8 Cat Health Tips

Cat health and cat food are closely related. We know that overfeeding leads to obesity which in turn is linked with feline Diabetes- with roughly 40% of cats being overweight.Just like in humans ad excessive amount of food can lead to feline obesity. Some of the issues a cat can face are actually very similar to what a human can suffer from.poor hair coat
4 x increase in Type 2 Diabetes
hepatic lipidosisThe following 8 tips are here to help your cat health and advise you in helping your cat stay lean and trim and reduce their risk of the above main conditions.1- Fee a restricted calorie reducing diet. A natural cat food alternative is to feed you cat a high protein, low carbohydrate and potentially high fiber diet which is a mimic of their natural diet. Any change in diet though needs to be consulted with a Vet.2- Feed regular measured meals 2-3 times a day. When the cat has finished the bowel of food it must go without until the next feed.3- Cat food from “your table” and treats are not wise to give cats. If you want to give a treat, minus some of their food and give it back to them as a treat.4- Monitor to see what your cat actually does. Does it go next door to get fed thus reducing the benefits that you are doing?5- Chart the cats weight per week. It should lose about 1% of their body weight per week. Drastic weight loss or increase is then wise to seek vet assistance.6- Provide daily exercise and human companionship. This is especially noted for indoor cats who have a reduced exercise plan anyway. Also make your cat work for it’s food- put it in different areas so that they have to “hunt for it”.7- L-carnitine can be helpful in reducing your cats weight and it tends to increase lean body mass- which will help in your cat health. Any supplement will need vet approval.8- When the ideal weight is obtained we need to keep it level. This can only be done with proper balanced food intake coupled with exercise.Most of what we are finding with cat health is directly related to human interference in their natural DNA which does not require a cat to be fat, lethargic and unstimulated.